How did one of the world’s largest cruise ship companies increase engagement with cruise agents by 300% and how did a small fruit company grab all the passing traffic at a major tradeshow and how did one company save millions of dollars using VR Experience Centers?

Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality

The world is buzzing about the exciting new “realities”.

According to the latest research by Greenlight, 91% of people reported overwhelmingly positive feelings towards Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

Using Experiential Marketing Technology is the next leap in human communication and connectivity, to bring your business exposure, and more importantly greater revenue.

Rise above the crowd. Cut through the chatter!

Powerful Solutions for Positive Growth

Creative Agency Solutions

  • Keep clients engaged in the sales process long enough for your genius to shine
  • Interactive solutions to increase client engagement
  • Client engagement reinforces your message and boosts sales
    Expand your marketing portfolio via Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° Film Footage
  • Dominate new markets with Digital Frontier’s Market Research & Database creation team
  • Focus on China with our dedicated Chinese database
  • Open up 1000-100,000 new prospects

Exhibition & Tradeshow Solutions

  • 91% of people reported “Overwhelmingly Positive Feelings” towards Virtual Reality
  • 71% of Consumers “Feel Connected” to a brand that Sponsors Virtual Reality
  • Average number of ads or brand exposures per day per person is 5000+
  • Getting YOUR message noticed in that noise is almost impossible and definitely expensive
  • Especially Exhibitions and Tradeshows where you are surrounded by competition
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality leave a lasting and notable impression on customers
  • Virtual Reality increases customer engagement exponentially

Food & Beverage Solutions

  • Rocket boost your sales with experiential marketing
  • Give the most Immersive product experience to your target market
  • Show off your virtual vineyard to remind customers to drink your wine
  • Pick virtual fruit from an orchard
  • Attract people to your latest facility before they even leave home
  • Enhance your existing marketing collateral with the frontier of Computer Generated Imagery and 360° film footage

Tourism & Hospitality Solutions

  • Show off the reality of your destination before customers even arrive!
  • Experiencing is believing and believing books tickets
  • Experiential Marketing immerses visitors and agents in your destination
  • Stand out from the crowd in the most competitive international industry
  • Find out how Digital Frontier adds zeros to your visitors numbers

Widget Sellers

  • Crack open the China Market in ways you have only dreamed about
  • China imports $1.5 Trillion USD of goods per year (get your share!)
  • Stop struggling in a ripe climate and break out with Virtual Reality Marketing
  • The time to enter the Chinese market has never been better!
  • Use VR to explain why your product is the best
  • Bring potential purchasers right into your showroom or shop
  • Have them interact with your virtual technology and purchasing real goods!


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