1919 Wine
Augmented Reality APP

1919 is the leading chain of wine shops in China with more than 1,000 outlets.

Hosting a range of more than 10,000 brands of wine the challenge was to come up with a unique experience that also assisted in both the education and the sales of wine.

Digital Frontier created an AR based APP that can ‘read’ each individual wine label and bring up a two-sided information action – a description of the wine and a video of the wine growing region or a video of the vineyard itself.

This Augmented Reality APP was self-funding for 1919 as the costs were passed onto the wine suppliers themselves.

The APP was downloadable in-store via a QR code through the WeChat platform.

“Wow – what an amazing tool! This gives us an excellent way to engage with customers and give them product knowledge without being intrusive and following them around the store. Being able to get customer feedback and details through the app also allows us to keep on top of our customers’ interests and tailor our store to it their needs.”

Crack Open the China Market in Ways
You Have Only Dreamed About.

Digital Frontier will consolidate your existing marketing collateral and enhance it using a combination of state-of-the-art CGI and 360° film footage, and other dynamic media.

A targeted presentation will be storyboarded by local Chinese directors, produced using Chinese language content, and portrayed with China-centric ‘look and feel’, all while adhering to your product’s authentic identity.

Delivery is through the end-user’s smart phone using a branded Mobile VR Viewer (e.g. Google Cardboard). Due to China’s unique and fragmented market for mobile apps, we will guide your decision on which OS to program for, and on which China-native mobile app stores are best to make the
experience available.

Mobile VR Viewers will be fully customized with your company’s branding and shipped to your target clients and customers. The target audience (database) to which the Viewers are sent can be augmented or fully compiled by Digital Frontier’s market research team.

Once the VR Experience is deployed, Digital Frontier can provide a bilingual concierge in our office. This concierge will receive inbound traffic generated by the VR Experience, and funnel it to the appropriate offices/individuals within your company. Be prepared to turn your inbound traffic volume up to 11!

VR Marketing will give your target market the most immersive and enticing exposure to your product. Given just a taste in VR, they will be clamoring for the real thing.

Augment your current target audience by using Digital Frontier’s own market research team – whether you need 1,000 targets or 100,000 targets we can provide the information.

Digital Frontier

Digital Frontier is a world leader in marketing and creative concept visualizations.

Combining a strong focus on innovation in the VR/AR and technology fields with more than 20 years’ experience in the burgeoning China market, Digital Frontier has the knowledge and insight to boost your visibility in any market.

It’s Chengdu base and mix of local and international talent which combines global knowledge with local expertise, enable Digital Frontier to deliver design innovation and responsive service combined with marketing capability.

Digital Frontier utilizes cutting edge technology to bring complex designs to life through 3D, 360o footage and VR imagery. Digital Frontier’s suite of products will help the client evaluate and sell designs before they are built, with rapid iterations, accurate lighting analysis, and high-impact visuals and animations.

Digital Frontier have connections and established relationships around the world. Over 30,000+ completed projects have been in a diverse and eclectic array of industries.

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