Top 5 China tallest under construction buildings

 Source: The Skyscraper Center

Not a single sky scrapper is safe to keep the number one position as the tallest building in China, it seems like architects and developers are trying to build higher and higher. The Wuhan Greenland Center is the second tallest under construction building after the Jeddah Tower. According to The Skyscraper Center database, China is the leading country with 7 building projects under the top 10 category the Tallest Under Construction Buildings in the World by Height. 

At the moment Shanghai is the world’s second tallest skycraper after Burj Khalifa. Shanghai Tower has a total height of 632 meters, 133 floors, and 258 hotel rooms. In this top 5 under constructions skyscrapers in China, we will take a closer look at the new developments in the skyscraper business in China. 

#1 Wuhan Greenland Centre

Source: The Skyscraper Center

With a total height of 636 meters, and an occupied height of 575 meters the Wuhan Greenland Center holds the number one position on our list. The construction is claimed to be the worlds second tallest under construction building.

Wuhan Greenland Center will include offices, luxury apartments and condominiums, a five-star hotel and a tall private club with spectacular views at the towers penthouse level. The construction has started since 2012, two years after the proposal and it is expected to be complete in 2018.

Location: Wuhan, China

Developer: Greenland Group

Architect: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and ECADI

Height: 636 meters, 131 floors

Expected Completion: 2018


#2 Goldin Finance 117

Source: The Skyscraper Center

 Located in the new Central Business District of Tianjin, this 128 storey tower will be the centerpiece of the Goldin Metropolitan Tianjin 117 project, one of the largest and most prestigious projects in the city. The total project consists of villas, offices, retail, convention center, entertainment center, polo club, green space, residential buildings and hotels.

The Goldin Finance 117 Building had been under construction since 2009 and will be completed somewhere in 2018. The beautiful ‘’walking stick’’ design lights up during the night and with its 596 meters from the ground it will be very recognizable. The upper portion of the building has a diamond shaped atrium which will hold the hotels indoor pool with a magnificent view over the city. Besides the luxurious hotel on the upper portion of the building, the lower portion will contain office space.

Location: Tianjin, China

Developer: Goldin Properties Holdings Limited

Architect: P&T Group and ECADI

Height: 596 meters, 132 floors

Expected Completion: 2018


#3 Global Financial Center Tower 1

Source: The Skyscraper Center

Our number three is the Global Financial Center Tower 1 located in Shenyang.

The construction started in 2014 and the tower is expected to be completed in its full glory somewhere in 2019. If you are wondering what the function of the building is, it will serve as an office with 114 floors above the ground! The development overlooks Youth Park and the Nanyun River to the east. The complex will also include five luxury high-rise residential buildings with approximately 200 meters high above a large culturally-themed lifestyle shopping mall.

Location: Shenyang, China

Developer: Baoneng Real Estate Development

Architect: Atkins and Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research

Height: 568 meters, 119 floors

Expected Completion: 2019


#4 Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Source: The Skyscraper Center

The Tianjin CTF Finance Centre is located in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area. The plan was proposed in 2011 and the construction started in 2013. When the building is finished in 2018 the two towers will serve as an anchor for the larger area development, while housing office space, luxury serviced apartments, and a hotel. The building will be accommodating 300 apartments and 350 hotel rooms. 

Location: Tianjin, China

Developer: New Word Development Company Limited

Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, Ronald Lu & Partners and ECADI

Height: 530 meters, 101 floors

Expected Completion: 2018


#5 China Zun Tower 

Source: The Skyscraper Center

The China Zun Tower is rising and curving from an ancient Chinese ceremonial vessel called the zun. The building is being built at the moment while construction started back in 2012 after the proposed plan was introduced in 2010. The tower it will accommodate offices spaces and a total of 108 floors above ground. The concave profile of the tower will offer a more adaptable prime-floor spaces and ample space for window washing.

Location: Beijing, China

Developer: CITIC HEYE Investment CO

Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, Beijing Institute of Architecture Design and CITIC General Institute of Architecture Design & Research.

Height: 528 meters, 115 floors

Expected Completion: 2018