Majestic Princess – Case Study


Princess Cruises is one of the best-known names in cruising industry and it first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today the line has grown and become one of the premiere cruise lines in the world, it carries more than a million passengers every year and it offers to consumer’s innovative ships and an environment of exceptional customer service.

The project 

In 2016, Princess approached us for something completely different. Princess was launching a new ship – “The Majestic Princess” – which was to be their biggest yet.

Princess Cruises planned a Media and Tourism Industry Gala event to launch the marketing of the Majestic Princess in Shanghai, China and Digital Frontier was tasked with coming up with something new.​

One of the main attractions on the Majestic Princess is the outdoor theatre and swimming pool, and the nearby ‘Seawalk’ – a glass bottomed walkway which extends out from the ship at a height of over 100 feet and provides great 180 degree views.


Digital Frontier decided to go ahead with a completely computer generated Virtual Reality version of this area as well as cabins and when it was completed flew to Shanghai with all the equipment needed to set up and showcase the amazing ship.

Using HTC Vives with big-screen TV’s placed near the entrance, the attendees could get a fully immersive experience floating above the ocean and exploring the ship as they entered the room. The Vive presentation created a huge amount of interest and made princess Cruises the talk of the town – being able to get an experience of the ship long before it was even in the water made the marketing campaign a winner for Princess.

The main presentation was shown on an incredible 70 Meter screen with Digital Frontier animations providing the draw-card experience for as Princess Cruises executives could introduce and explain the new ship. The event was a great success and the combination of VR and 3D animation created an atmosphere of reality that simply can’t be found anywhere else.


Check out Digital Frontier video of the ‘The Majestic Princess’ launch in Shanghai.

The ceremony   

The gala ceremony took place in Shanghai on July 2017. The company named the Chinese basketball star Yao Ming and his wife as the cruise ambassadors for Princess Cruises in China. Digital Frontier had the pleasure to create a presentation consisting of more than 10 minutes of animation showcased on 43-meter screen. Digital Frontier created two full ‘HTC Vive’ VR scenes in the Majestic Princess – an outside cabin and the ‘Seawalk’ feature of the ship.


The Majestic Princess Ship

Majestic Princess promises a distinguished warm, welcoming and international service enhanced for Chinese traveler’s satisfaction. The cruise offers a luxury retail shops with high-end brands such as Cartier, Bvlgari, and Chopard. Guests will also be able to have an extraordinary experience and enjoy a joyful celebration through specialty restaurants. Majestic Princess features specialty dinner menus by Michelin star-awarded chefs at Harmony and La Mer.


Majestic Princess offers to guest an amazing view through their glass walkway the SeaWalk, the first kind at sea. The SeaWalk is 60 feet long cantilevered 128 feet above the waves and extending 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship. Passengers can look thorough glass panels on the floor of the bridge and share that breathtaking experience, across the ship, the SeaView Bar goes one step further with a glass paneled floor and drinks prepared during exciting shows with flair.


Majestic Princess Facts

Inaugural Cruise: March 31, 2017

Chinese Name: 盛世公主号 (Shèng Shì Gōng Zhǔ Haò)

Naming Ambassadors: Yao Ming and Ye Li

Number of Cabins: 1,780

Number of Decks: 19

Tonnage: 143,700

Length: 1,083 feet

Height: 224 feet