5 Homes Beautifully Integrated With Nature

A home away from the hectic and stressful life of the city – a place of relaxation where one can be one with nature. Just imagining such a place will make most of us jealous already. But be prepared to get even more green-eyed as we will show you our personal top 5 homes beautifully integrated with nature.

#1 Juvet Landscape Hotel – Valldal, Norway 

Source: juvet.com

A hotel located in the north-western Norway, Juvet grants you the opportunity to experience the dramatic Norwegian nature in a unique way. Cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows allow you an unhindered view of the nearby mountains range. The Architectural firm Jensen & Skodvin made the homes compact and minimalistic as to not disturb the scene’s beauty, arguing that sustainability is not only smart resource consumption but also the conversation of building sites.

  #2 Guesthouse Rock Mountains, Colorado – United States 

Source: homecrux.com

This modern architecture is located high in the Rock Mountains in Colorado and it was designed by Gluck+firm. The 2,850 -square-foot guest house has a roof composed of grass and a gradient ramp that slides a bit over the roof of the original residence. The guesthouse is divided into three bedrooms and a garage and it contains solar panels for heating the house and the swimming pool. Additionally, the glass in the house enables guests to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains.


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#3 The Mirador House – Tunquen, Chile 

Source: architizer.com

Yes, it is perfectly safe to build a house that close to the edge, at least according to the designers at Gubbins Architecture. This cliffside manor on the coast of Chili will give you an unprecedented look out over the Pacific while enjoying the sound of clashing waves. Using reinforced concrete, the Mirador’s surface is given a rough look, not unlike the rocks surrounding it. On top of that, large windows and a balcony ensure a perfect view of nature.

  #4 Invisible House – Blue Mountains, New South Wales – Australia

Source: modernhouse.co

The invisible house was designed by the architecture Peter Stutchbury and is located western slopes of the Blue Mountains. The house looks east over the Megalong Valley, is a seventy-five-hectare site formerly worked as sheep country, and it is exposed to dry, rock and extremes of temperatures from minus zero to 40-plus. The house has been positioned in a clever way under the brow of a ridge to maximise aspect and weather protection, the four-bedroom residence represents the ultimate rural retreat.

#5 Yatsugatake Mountainside House – Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Source: archdaily.com

This unique house was design by the Japanese Kidosaki Architects Studio at the bottom of the Yatsugatake Mountains located in the country’s Nagano Prefecture. The large overhanging floor from the home is supported solely by two pillars each, just under 12 inches thick. The house floats into this amazing natural surroundings and makes you coexistent with nature.