……the fire engine is racing, when the boss is chasing, when the deadline is looming, when the client is banging on the door and your team is up to its neck in alligators…..?

Turn to THE company that can:

Start Any Job, Any Size TODAY.

  • Architects
  • Property Developers
  • Real Estate Sales & Marketing

We Want What We See

There are Three Things that Architects and Designers Demand in a Visualization Studio:

  1. Artistic Flair
  2. Fast Turnaround
  3. Stills and Movies that don’t cost a million dollars

The Digital Frontier 3 in 1 Promise:

  1. A Team of Artists to Create Works of Art Within the Science of Design
  2. A Team Big Enough to Meet any Deadline
  3. Prices that make your Finance Department Jump with Joy

There are also Three Things Property Developers and Marketing Agents Absolutely Need to Succeed in a Competitive Market:

  1. Creative Ideas that Promote, Attract and Sell More Property
  2. Find and Engage With Prospects Faster
  3. CleverTools to Assist Prospects into Making the Right Decision – Buy Now!

Over 20 Years Digital Frontier’s Visualizations Have Sold Billions of Dollars of Property.

What is ‘Prospect Glue’?

Prospect Glue is a series of solutions using innovative technologies and presentations to increase the time a prospect engages in the sales process.

We ‘Glue‘ your Prospects to Your Project With:

  • Interactive Models, Perspectives and Animations
  • Interactive Apps
  • Remote Sales Tools
  • Cutting Edge Technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

What puts more grapes in your wine and sugar on your cornflakes?

Architects:     “Reflect Your Design Amazingly”

Developers:    “Sell Your Property Faster”

Therein Lies OUR Mission

Check Out Some of the 30,000+ Success Stories

Powerful Solutions for Positive Growth

Team VR Design

Virtual Reality has a flaw – a REALLY big flaw:
Only one person can view the content at a time.

  • Virtual Reality is the perfect tool for design analysis IF you can all see at the same time.
  • Digital Frontier created Team VR Design – which is a multi-viewer Virtual Reality system.
  • To get the ability of simultaneous multiple Virtual Reality viewing meant creating an entirely new technology.
  • Using a stand-alone headset, and an in-built VR processor and a unique software algorithm.
  • Multiple headsets can be linked together to view the same content at the same time.
  • No Wires. No Smartphone. No Computer. No Hassle.

Apartment Builder

What’s the #1 Frustration of Property Salespeople?

“Stopping browsers long enough to break the resistance to conversation leading to sales.”

  • ‘Apartment Builder’ is an Interactive Information Delivery App for iPad and Web.
  • Information is the key to making sales and ‘Apartment Builder’ was designed to be a very powerful selling tool.
  • ‘Apartment Builder’ engages browsers in the show home OR on the Website.

Your Benefits:

  • You can manage the entire sales process remotely.
  • Huge savings in travel, advertising and other costs.
  • Commission free sales.
  • Covers the entire world.
  • Can replace physical showrooms.

Visual Event Space Management

When Dozens of Functions/Events Managers were asked, what was their biggest problem in gaining sales, they all said:

“How do we get people to imagine what a function room looks like when it is set up for that client?”

  • We created an app that creates a highly detailed and accurate visualization of function venues laid out exactly to the actual customer requirements.
  • Its Client Focused with Easy Interaction
  • Has 2D Layouts and 3D Visualizations
  • It’s for Function Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Convention Centers, Exhibition Centers.

Visual Event Space Management was Designed with Unique Selling Proposition:

“Increase Conversion Rates of Clients Viewing and Assessing the Function Space”

The Super Active LCD Model

Do you have problems communicating city planning issues with your project?

Are you looking for a way to present planning information that simply can’t be debated?

  • LCD Models are a combination of an LCD monitor, stunning silicone dioxide crystal models and a fully-interactive multimedia display.
  • LCD Models communicate not only the scale of a project but all critical planning information.
  • Usage Footprints, Transport Routes, Building Envelopes, Landscaping Designs, Shadow Passage, Parking Areas and much more.
  • Convince Journalists, Politicians, Residents, Businesses, Regulatory Stakeholders, Architects and Planners.
  • Digital Frontier Innovation at Its Very Best

Interactive VR & AR for the Architectural and Property Markets

Virtually Showcase your Property and Design to Increase the Level of Understanding in Hot Prospects via Virtual Immersion Experiences.

Get Increased Sales and Faster Sales.

  • Walkthrough, Open Doors and Cupboards, Turn on Lights, Open the Fridge, Cook a Meal even.
  • Apartments where you can wander around, open doors, turn on the stove or the taps.
  • Think theme parks without the cost of building. Think sports stadiums where you always get the box seat.
  • Shopping malls without the crowds.
  • Hotels without the queue at reception.

A Whole New Visual World designed to Sell More and Sell Faster.

Hololens – Mixed Reality

Exactly What is Mixed Reality?

  • Mixed Reality is simply the combination of the two ends of the ‘Reality Spectrum – Real and Virtual.
  • Mixed Reality Superimposes a Computer-Generated World over the Real World.
  • Microsoft Hololens is the leading Mixed Reality Glasses available.
  • With Hololens the world around you will become an entirely new canvas for you to play, learn, communicate and interact with.
  • Digital Frontier is one of only a handful of companies on the Microsoft Hololens Development Program.

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