Bowen Tourism back in Business with Experiential Marketing tools

Bowen Tourism Back in Business With Experiential Marketing tools

Bowen Tourism Back in Business With Experiential Marketing tools


Welcome to the Whitsundays! Prepare to be amazed as you explore the stunning beauty of the Whitsundays region through an immersive Virtual Reality experience.

Subsequent to Cyclone Debbie hitting Bowen and the Whitsundays really hard, Bowen Tourism and Business needed to get a new message out to visitors that the Whitsundays and its attractions were back in business.

The Whitsundays is a diverse region incorporating the Great Barrier Reef, 74 islands, turquoise waters, magical sea creatures, world-famous beaches and a rich, historic hinterland. Through the Visit Whitsundays APP visitors get encouraged to explore this diversity, discover some incredible and unique experiences and then begin to plan their dream holiday.

The Challenge

The key problem to solve here was twofold:

  1. How to demonstrate the return of the physical surroundings from disaster to recovery.

2. How to get the message into the hands of as many people as possible.

The Solution

We chose Virtual Reality 360° Video footage incorporated into a brand-new APP.

The 360° Video footage was able to show the up-to-date surroundings – underwater, boating, skydiving, fishing – and more.

In addition, we created a touchscreen presentation for real live visitors to the VIC.

The APP can be distributed with branded Virtual Reality cardboard glasses, so you can get the message out to the world.             

Digital Frontier produced and project managed the ‘Visit Whitsundays’ smartphone app and touchscreen application from the beginning to end, with first creative concept designs over 3D modelling and coding to publishing the app and delivering the needed hardware. The 360° Video content was produced in cooperation with a Whitsundays based video production company. Hardware such as touchscreen, Virtual Reality headset and computer were purchased locally in Australia, supporting Australian businesses.

The total production time for this project was three months, for software, app and content production and hardware.

The Result

The mobile App and touchscreen have been well received by visitors to the Bowen VIC and did stand its test at the Whitsundays Tourism Awards in October 2018. The feedback from industry professionals has been very positive.

Local tourism operators increased their bookings substantially, with the help of Bowen Tourism and Business marketing initiative promoting the Whitsundays region.

This App was made possible by funding from the joint Queensland and Australian Government’s Tourism Recovery Fund. Local Tourism Organisation Bowen Tourism and Business was responsible for directing this project, working in collaboration with local tourism operators and Regional Tourism Organisation, Tourism Whitsundays to promote the entire Whitsundays region.

Client Testimonial

“Bowen Tourism and Business engaged Digital Frontier to create a Virtual Reality installation for the Bowen Visitor Information Centre that showcases the Whitsundays region to visitors.

The final outcome is a product that truly amazes our visitors and encourages further exploration of the lesser known activities in our region.

Being able to take the 360° videos home with them, via an app and Whitsundays branded headset, allows our visitors to share their experiences with family and friends.

We are looking forward to distributing the headsets to travel industry both domestically and internationally to assist in educating staff on the diversity of the Whitsundays.

Thank you to the team at Digital Frontier for the professional delivery of the software, app and hardware required for the installation. We are incredibly pleased with the results of this project.”

Jenn Honnery, Sales & Marketing Specialist – Bowen Tourism and Business