Property Developer Capability Presentation

Visualization, Animation, Interactive Tools, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Boost Sales for Off-the-Plan Properties.

Provide Refreshing Experiences for Clients.

Increase Customer Connection with Prospect Glue

  • What is the #1 problem when you are surrounded by competitors?
  • How do you stand out from the crowd?
  • What is the secret of increasing sales and prospect visibility?
  • Being able to spend more time with the prospect!
  • Those FIRST FEW MINUTES are crucial minutes for any business.
  • Instead of a value judgment being made in an instant, you have that extra time to get the person engaged in the benefits of your presentation and your project.
  • Turning tire kickers, lukewarm lookers and interested buyers into dotted-line buyers requires interaction.
  • In the following presentation, you will find a whole range of tools designed to stop the prospect in their tracks.
  • Interactive Apps (Apartment Builder)
  • Hologram Tables
  • Virtual Reality Presentations
  • Augmented Reality

Exciting Ways to GLUE the Prospect to the Floor


Digital Frontier has developed a range of tools specifically for property developers. These tools are designed to be synergistic and work with each other and to grab potential purchaser’s attention for long enough for your salespeople to do their job – sell.
Having array of arrows in your quiver means tailoring a solution to each individual development and target market.
To make it easy, and so you do not have to scroll through every part of this presentation, the following is a list of those tools with a short description – click to navigate to the right place.


For most consumers, the decision to make a purchase is made at both a rational and an emotional level.

Enhancing engagements is vital – every contact with the client is a chance to build a relationship. Real estate developers need to resonate with clients who choose with their heart as well as their head.

For almost any industry, the biggest marketing priority is increasing lead volume and conversions. To do this, real estate developers must make the guests stay as informative, engaging, and personal as possible.

For real estate developers, experiential marketing solutions that utilize the latest in digital communications technology are becoming more crucial.

To be deployed in the buyers home, in the sales suite, in hotel function rooms, at “pop-up” events, and at major tradeshows, these solutions are designed to engage in a way that leave future buyers not only impressed and delighted with their experience, but uniquely informed about your brand concept and service offering.

Digital Frontier’s Fee Structure is guaranteed to be extremely cost-effective. Our business model is designed to gain economies of scale – One studio for many products, and being based in a lower cost, but high technology environment (Chengdu, China) allows us to meet pretty much any budget.


Visualization, Animation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Projection & all forms of Digital Media.

Digital Frontier is a Content Creator – matching hardware technologies with creative media.

Design, Communication and Realization

Architectural Visualization


Interactive Media



Interactive Touchscreen Application

  • Hotspots are activated by tapping with the finger
  • Different types of information to be shown
  • Clients can explore the amenities around the development
  • Text Info
  • 3D CGI Animation Fly-throughs
  • Animated maps showing transport routes
  • 360° CGI Viewpoints



Apartment Builder Application

  • Clever presentation medium and a very powerful selling tool
  • Multiple schemes – interactive perspective technology
  • Interactive floorplans
  • Detailed information about development/apartment
  • Pricing & reports
  • Remote selling
  • Multiple languages possible – if you are targeting investors in the booming Asian market

Super Active LCD Models

  • A combination of an LCD monitor, stunning silicone dioxide crystal models, and a fully-interactive multimedia display.
  • Communicate not only the scale of a project, but all critical planning information.
  • Usage Footprints, Transport Routes, Building Envelopes, Landscaping Designs, Shadow Passage, Parking Areas, and much more.
Virtual Reality



Fully Interactive Virtual Reality Presentation

  • Visit the amenities of the surrounding areas in virtual reality.
  • Present the highlights of the development.
  • Clients can decide what they want to see what is important for them.
  • Very useful in real estate to put the development into context.


  • Accurate model of the proposed development, textures, materials, and precise lighting.
  • Model is coded to be fully interactive.
  • Click on hot spots to walkthrough, open doors and cupboards, turn on lights, open the fridge, or even cook a meal.
  • Views from windows – walk out onto the balcony and look around.

360° Video

    • Camera filmed environment
    • Can be static or moving camera filming
    • Interactive hot spots can be added
    • Soundtrack, voiceover; and screen and sub titles can be added
    • Viewed with HTC Vive or Pico Goblin stand-alone headset


VR Periscope

More than One Property To Sell?

  • 360° Video
  • See multiple destinations through the periscope
  • Unique footage from interesting properties from around the world
  • Periscope will be mounted to the roof
  • Customised periscope with HTC Vive headset


360° Panorama Tour

  • 360° Panorama function
  • Can be hosted on any server
  • Interactive hot spots for audio and visual information
  • Best used with Smartphone, Computer


Virtual Building Hologram Model

    • Displaying a virtual building model, as a hologram
    • Hololens technology from Microsoft
    • View the physical model sitting on the table as if it were a hologram
    • The experience is exhilarating but is extremely cost-effective and transportable

Hologram Table

  • Display digital models of cities or buildings as miniatures, with the ability to then zoom in down to single details
  • Pick up objects and move them around
  • Prepare holographic presentations to convey ideas
  • Holograms can be projected up to 60cm high or appear to sink a meter into the table
  • Load models from nearly all 3D sources, including design drawings, point cloud data, polygon models, laser scans, photogrammetry, and more

Remo – The Remote Salesman


  • Bringing global audiences and buyers into your sale suite digitally.
  • Remote Viewing Telepresence Robots, tied into a global network of customers, clients and buyers, extends the marketplace from local to global at the flick of a switch.
  • Where you can visit exhibitions and never leave the office, where you can buy property in other countries and never have to fly, where you can walk through malls and shops and be sitting on your sofa.
  • Remo is a combination of visualization products and robots designed specifically to bring the customer into your place and feel like they are there in reality
Augmented Reality



AR Building Model


  • Professional voice speaking to the client
  • Building model is AR marker and activates augmented reality functions
  • Invite clients to explore your development
  • Ask client-segment-specific questions in order to deliver a more personalized activation
  • Physically lead the user along side of the building model, calling attention to special features as they visualize onscreen
  • Can be linked to online information package

Property Sales App



  • A geolocation app that brings up the properties that are available in that area with a VR tour and all the information required for consideration – costs, availability, management fees, etc.
  • The prospective tenant/purchaser can then drive around a particular neighborhood and view every thing that is available.
  • Prospective Tenants or Purchasers of the space can go through the VR presentations of the premises that best suit their requirements.
  • By viewing a selection of the VR presentations and, then deciding which are suitable for the requirements, there is a huge saving in the time taken to show unsuitable sites.
Virtual Sales Suite
The China Connection

Virtual Sales Suite

The Virtual Sales Suite is a powerful, turn-key solution for selling property off-plan.

It transports buyers to the future and lets them tour your completed project. They can explore furnished units, admire the view from the balcony, and feel the dimensions of the space around them as they walk around in Full VR.

It is an impactful, memorable experience for the buyer and gives customers the confidence they need to invest hard-earned cash on unbuilt property.

The China Connection

The China Connection is simply the key to adding value to property sales – accessing the vast amount of money that is being poured into the western property market, by high-net-worth individuals, looking to secure a beachhead abroad.

Digital Frontier created the ‘China Connection’ to help you sell your property in China.

Tapping into the extensive networks built up over the past 20 years, we bring levels of sophistication to selling your property here by knowing who to talk to and where to go.

These ‘China Connection Packages’ are all designed around the ‘Virtual Sales Suite’ product – a combination of different technology tools that allow for remote sales of property.

By working together
we can show that innovation is the key to success in generating business

8 Ways to Understand, Access, and Get Chinese Property Investors Across the Line


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8 Ways to Understand, Access, and Get Chinese Property Investors Across the Line


This whitepaper will be released May 16th, 2017. Sign up below to receive a copy as soon as it's released.

Thanks for your interest, we'll email you the whitepaper as soon as it's available!