Case Study: Cruise Ships

Princess Cruises – Majestic Princess

Digital Frontier – Best Experiential Marketing

has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Princess Cruises over the years, helping to bring to life their, as yet unbuilt, ships in their ever expanding fleet.

In 2016, Princess approached us for something completely different. Princess was launching a new ship – “The Majestic Princess” – which was to be their biggest yet.

Princess Cruises planned a Media and Tourism Industry Gala event for August to launch the marketing of the Majestic Princess in Shanghai, China and Digital Frontier was tasked with coming up with something new.​

One of the main attractions on the Majestic Princess is the outdoor theatre and swimming pool, and the nearby ‘Seawalk’ – a glass bottomed walkway which extends out from the ship at a height of over 100 feet and provides great 180 degree views.

​Digital Frontier decided to go ahead with a completely computer generated Virtual Reality version of this area as well as cabins and when it was completed flew to Shanghai with all the equipment needed to set up and showcase the amazing ship.

Before the event we helped to create interest by creating a mobile version of just the Seawalk which was then sent out to the 300 invitees along with a Google Cardboard glasses set.

​Using HTC Vives with big-screen TV’s placed near the entrance, the attendees could get a fully immersive experience floating above the ocean and exploring the ship as they entered the room. The Vive presentation created a huge amount of interest and made princess Cruises the talk of the town – being able to get an experience of the ship long before it was even in the water made the marketing campaign a winner for Princess. The main presentation was shown on an incredible 70 Meter screen with Digital Frontier animations providing the draw-card experience for as Princess Cruises executives could introduce and explain the new ship. The event was a great success and the combination of VR and 3D animation created an atmosphere of reality that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

Check out some of the feedback we received:

“Wanted to give you a shout to say thanks for your work on the Majestic Princess event this week. We really appreciate both your team’s attentiveness, dedication, and detail during the two days you shared with us. Without question, the renderings and the VR experience were the stars of the show, and really helped bring the Majestic Princess to life. Thanks again!”
– Ryan Barton
Senior Manager, International Marketing, Princess Cruises


​“We would like to express our appreciation for your help regarding this Media Showcase Event. There were more than 308 guests attending this event and the whole experience made it really impressive to the media. Thanks again for Digital Frontier’s great support onsite. Wish your business all the success!”
– Eva Chang
Manager, International Public Relations, Princess Cruises

“I love the entrance area near the reception table. Great VR and the SeaWalk experience. It is just like on the real ship!”

“The event is just perfect! The atmosphere makes me feel like I am on the sea.”

“Splendid and dazzling onsite experience! As an OOT media, I have to say you make a well organised and considerable media logistic.”

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