First Fresh becoming a Highlight at Asia Fruit Logistica Tradeshow with Virtual Reality  

First Fresh becoming a Highlight at Asia Fruit Logistica Tradeshow with Virtual Reality  

First Fresh becoming a Highlight at Asia Fruit Logistica Tradeshow with Virtual Reality  


First Fresh is a long-standing New Zealand fruit company supplying the finest quality fruit and produce New Zealand has to offer to consumers all over the world. They market a range of fruit – oranges, lemons, cherries and others – in China under the Sprisio Brand and are currently working with some notable distributors in the Shanghai region.

With attendance at the Asia Fruit Logistica is a specialized annual trade show and conference event for the Asian and international fruit and vegetable business marketing in Asia which focuses exclusively on the fresh produce sector and related value chain for the whole Asian region.

Sprisio needed something unique and interesting to drive visitors to the Sprisio stand and Digital Frontier created a two-level orange and lemon full Virtual Reality game.


The Challenge

First Fresh was looking for an Experiential Marketing tool to utilize at tradeshows.

Their citrus fruits brand Sprisio was preparing for the Asia Fruit Logistica in Shanghai. One of the largest tradeshows in the international fresh produce trade. 

Our aim was to come up with a solution that is able to set First Fresh apart from the competition. We produced a Virtual Reality game making oranges and lemons the stars of the basketball and catch all you can game, fully Sprisio branded.   


The Solution

The game was built for the high-end HTC Vive platform and consisted of two different game scenarios which the customers were able to choose between:

  1. Holding a basket under the fruit trees and trying to catch as many as possible when the fruit falls.

2. Bending down and using the controller to pick up individual fruits and throwing the fruit through a basketball hoop and the score being recorded on a leader board. Different fruits had different scores and difficulty.

The Result

Sprisio used the game at the Asia Fruit Logistica and managed to attract a much larger interest following than what is normally attracted at an exhibition and generated a huge amount of feedback from prospective customers.

The Virtual Reality game allowed First Fresh to engage with potential new clients at their booth in a fun way. The immersive VR experience was one of the highlight of the Asia Fruit Logistica Tradeshow, and the competition was amazed what a great Experiential Marketing tool Virtual Reality can be if used in the right way.      

Client Testimonial

“We utilised the VR game developed by Digital Frontier at the 2016 Asia Fruit Logistica Tradeshow. Being part of a multi company display space the challenge for us was to get cut-through and generate foot traffic past our space. The VR game delivered that in spades. Once someone was playing the VR game it attracted a range of onlookers who then took the time to engage with us on our company and product offering. We have been coming to the AFL show for many years and we would rate the 2016 show as our busiest and most productive yet. Being slightly old school when it comes to technology my scepticism was very quickly laid to rest.”

Ian Albers, Managing Director – First Fresh NZ Ltd