Knowledge is power! Our experience and know-how are great foundations for providing processes and content to any frontend delivery solution. We can create secure and extendible solutions both, big and small, for B2B, B2C, or for internal usage.


Doesn’t matter if the project is a property development, a cruise liner or an airport, whether it is going underground into a mine or in the air with the launch of a new airliner, Digital Frontier Creative Media Solutions take your show where your show needs to go.


What two essential principles guarantee success in building a brand?

• Knowing your customers back to front.

• Getting your customers to know you by being crystal clear about what you are offering.

Your brand is how people identify your business as different to another in the same marketplace. To make your brand unique, you must think differently and use different tools. New technologies bring new ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

With over 30,000 completed jobs we know good design!



Remy Martin

Celebrating the launch of Remy Martin’s very first vineyard in China, Digital Frontier was asked to create something that represented the journey from France to China while retaining the brand characteristics of the Remy Martin brand.

Sony Ericsson

Commissioned by a Shanghai creative agency, Digital Frontier created the background 3d models and animations for a Sony Ericson advertisement.

Renault and Peugeot

Commisioned by a local Chengdu advertising agency Digital Frontier was tasked with building and animating a photo-realistic Peugeot. Working from the blue prints and colored brochures the result was good enough to convince the viewers that what they were watching was real.


A simple model built for Audi for placement into an advertisement in Shanghai.


Brief was ‘Speed and Action’ for a BMW presentation combining CGI and film footage.


Water Sand and Bubbles was the creative brief for the launch of the new SAV Apartment complex in Shanghai and the client wanted something completely non-real-estate and Digital Frontier delivered.

Lusail Luminaire

Required to demonstrate the use of a new LED street lighting system being used in Lusail City in the Middle East, Digital Frontier needed to recreate the exact lumens and colour temperature of the lights and how they would act in the built environment.

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